Tradition and innovation drive our success

Recheis Teigwaren Josef Recheis

The early days… 1889 – 1920
In 1889 Josef Recheis founded the first Austrian pasta manufacturing company in Hall in the heart of Tyrol and laid the foundation for a remarkable success story.
Even in the days during the Austrian-Hungarian Empire Josef Recheis was able to establish his company as a market leader. He did so by consistently applying industrial production methods and investing in innovative technologies, such as a special pasta-drying machine. In 1917, the Recheis Pasta Manufacturing Company even became a supplier to the court.

1950 – 1962:
Egg pasta products made from fresh eggs were first produced. These years also marked the introduction of the “Recheis Goldmarke” brand, which has remained our most successful brand up to this day.

1987 – 2002:
The Recheis dry pasta production site was enlarged and reconstructed according to modern technical standards, and a fully automated high-rack warehouse with 5,000 pallet storage units was installed.

Production was commenced at the new  fresh pasta production site in Hall in Tirol.

Both Recheis production sites were IFS certified.

We introduced our Recheis photovoltaic system and the charging station for our electric vehicle fleet.

We started our Recheis chicken farm.

Today, we still treat our customers as royalty and produce a “majestic” amount of 15,000 tons of delicious pasta per year.