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Recheis is a competent and reliable partner for private label business and food processors. Since 1889, we have been manufacturing dry pasta products in Hall in Tirol, Austria. Our key ingredients: passion, expertise and care. At our dry pasta production site, we work on our modern high-temperature drying machines in three shifts per day to manufacture pressed and stamped pasta in various shapes and recipes.

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Private Label Pasta

We are your expert partner for developing and manufacturing high-quality dry pasta products. With fresh ideas and plenty of product development expertise, we will help you differentiate with unique product ideas. Our modern production and packaging facilities along with our highly effective project management allow us to implement your requirements quickly and reliably.


Food-processing industry

We provide our food-processing customers with a large range of dry pasta products for further processing. Our key strength lies in manufacturing low moisture pasta as well as pasta with high cooking stability. We achieve this excellent cooking stability by using eggs as well as durum wheat semolina with a high protein content. You can keep our pasta warm for a long time or reheat it without compromising quality. This is why the food service industry and food processors love our pasta just as much as consumers do.


Our specialty:

Low moisture pasta

Low moisture pasta ensures a stable moisture level in packaged convenience products such as dry soups. Our high-temperature drying machines can produce most of our pressed and stamped pasta as low moisture products. In a gentle process, the pasta is dried until only 7% moisture remains.

Our speciality:

Sterile pasta

Our pasta features an extremely high cooking stability. This allows you to keep the pasta warm for a long time or reheat it without comprising quality.

This is why our Recheis sterile pasta can be perfectly processed into convenience food products.


Our speciality:

Sterile pasta

Our pasta features an extremely high cooking stability. This allows you to keep the pasta warm for a long time or reheat it without comprising quality.

This is why our Recheis sterile pasta can be perfectly processed into convenience food products.


Product development expert

Our customers benefit from our wide range of standard products as well as our highly competent product development team. We will help you develop and implement your special requirements, so you can successfully launch new products.


Reliable partner

We are solution-oriented communicators. This makes us a strong partner. We know that you need to be able to rely on us 100%. That’s why we offer the best customer service. We rigorously manage our supply chain – from the ingredients all the way to our finished pasta products. And we communicate reliably, timely and efficiently with each of our customers.


Speedy implementation

When launching new products with us, you will benefit from a speedy Time to Market process while meeting all quality standards. Thanks to our efficient processes and expertly trained staff, we are able to quickly implement your projects.


Competitive prices

Our excellent supplier network, raw material expertise, bargaining power and state-of-the-art production facilities guarantee competitive prices along with a steady and reliable supply of our products.

We know our ingredients

We carefully choose our raw material suppliers. Through regular supplier evaluations, detailed raw material specifications and careful incoming goods inspections, we ensure the highest quality standards.

Durum wheat semolina – our main ingredient

We process a large variety of semolina: durum wheat semolina, whole grain semolina and spelt semolina – all available in both conventional and organic quality. A large part of our durum wheat semolina is sourced from Austrian contract farmers.

By adding natural ingredients such as tomato, spinach or beet powder, we can also produce colored pasta at our facilities.


Egg pasta specialist

Many years of experience and product development make us a specialist in manufacturing egg pasta. We process liquid eggs and egg powder in different qualities and proportions.

All our dry pasta products are made with fresh, natural water from the Karwendel nature reserve in the Tyrolean mountains.

Modern packaging solutions

With our highly automated packaging facilities we can implement your requests quickly and in line with your specific requirements. Our flexible labeling, printing and cartoning machines allow us to provide individual solutions for your special packaging needs.

Our packaging solutions:

poly bags

(flat bottom bags, resealable bags)
for: 250 – 550g

paper bags

for: 400 – 550g


flat bags

for: 250 – 5000g

folding boxes

for: 300 – 500g

big bags

Highest quality standards for maximum customer satisfaction

Many years of developing and manufacturing pasta, highly trained and motivated employees and well-tuned processes build the foundation for our outstanding product quality. To maintain this high level, we constantly improve our processes and systems. We regularly conduct internal audits and are audited on a regular basis by certification bodies and our customers.

HACCP management

Our experienced quality assurance & management team regularly ensures that all quality standards are met and that all processes and procedures are in line with the International Food Standards.

Regular checks of incoming supplies, in-process and final quality controls, HACCP-based food safety management, and full batch traceability guarantee that our products meet the highest quality standards and ensure maximum customer satisfaction.


We are IFS, organic and kosher certified. This means that our Recheis quality promise is tested and confirmed in external quality audits every year. In regular audits, our B2B customers attest the consistently high quality of our products and production processes.

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